F@#K You BP

FUBPBP has pretty much destroyed the Gulf of Mexico and the economy along its coast. Not only did their greed cause them to cut corners that lead to the Deepwater Horizon explosion and disastrous oil geyser 5000 feet under the Gulf, but they’ve been pumping out the equally harmful dispersant Corexit — which just happens to be made by a company associated with BP — by the boatload to keep the oil off the surface, hiding the evidence.

The full extent of the damage will most likely never be accurately calculated. From downplaying data to blocking the media, BP has been doing everything it can to hide, obfuscate and lie about the amount of oil that has leaked into the Gulf and the extent of the destruction they have caused.

To express my anger with BP and their blatant disregard for our planet and its inhabitants, I designed a few different t-shirts which are now for sale at cafepress.
FUBP shirts

Tell BP and Tony Hayward how you feel about their catastrophic oil disaster that is killing off all life and industry in the Gulf of Mexico.


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